Paris has always been the capital of romance and love. Paris will always be Paris and enjoys a success that continues to grow over the years. In 2017, more than 33 million tourists visited the French capital and fell under its spell. It must be said that the city has many assets to seduce its visitors. Fashion, Gastronomy, Culture, nightlife, shopping are some of the assets offered by the City of Light to tourists eager for discovery. Visiting the city of love obviously means visiting the must-see places: the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Moulin Rouge, Louvre Museum, Faubourg St Honoré…
For those who want more, who wish to live more authentic experiences and discover the known addresses of a handful of Parisians, welcome to the secrets of Paris.

Paris, the city of light is full of secrets

It is not easy for a tourist who visits the French capital, even after several trips, to discover secret addresses and live unique experiences, known to a handful of insiders. But what to do, when you are a tourist, and you want to unravel certain mysteries and secrets of the city of light? Today, the internet and social networks make it possible to have some good addresses that are very little known. But often these are only marketing stunts orchestrated with the sole aim of trapping tourists in search of sensations. Moreover, these addresses disappear as quickly as they were created.
By visiting the website of the Secrets de Paris hotel, you benefit from excellent advice and part of the address book of the concierge staff. Want to dine in a neighborhood restaurant that offers divine cuisine? A bar where you can enjoy cocktails that will titillate your taste buds? To go on an extraordinary shopping spree? The establishment team provides visitors with some excellent secret addresses.
But the most beautiful experience to live is to stay one or more nights in one of the hotel’s alcoves and to entrust the concierge team with your desires so that they can concoct a unique and tailor-made 100% Parisian experience.