CSR policy

Secret de Paris – Hotel & Spa is committed to offering you maximum comfort while respecting
essential practices to protect the environment.

We are doing everything we can to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.

We have replaced the plastic cups in the room with glass.

Our offices are equipped with refillable cartridge printers. We only print on demand and reuse the back for any internal use.

A selective sorting system has been put in place for all of our waste.

In order to limit any waste, “Too Good To Go” bags of pastries are available for purchase via the application, in case of surplus products not consumed during breakfast.

A QR code is placed in each room to respond to any request for hygienic products (toothbrush, special kits, etc.) in order to limit consumption according to your needs.

Used cells and batteries are recycled.

We reduce our energy consumption in order to participate in the collective effort of energy sobriety.

Our Spa area is timed and lit, only on request.

The vast majority of our lighting is made up of LED and low-consumption bulbs.

Each room is equipped with a card switch, the power supply is immediately cut off when you leave.

You have the option of not changing your towels daily by leaving them on the bathroom racks.

The opening of the entrance doors is controlled, according to the outside temperatures, in order to limit energy losses as much as possible.

Hydraulic bed lift kits are being installed to make the work of floor staff easier. 

We are committed to providing a responsible breakfast and Honesty Bar offer.

All our pastries are made in France with French products and our breads are delivered every morning by a bakery located 30 meters from the hotel.

Jams and dairy products are made in France.

Our Honesty Bar offers a selection of French wines as well as cocktails from Nighthawks, made in the Paris region.

Water flow reducers for all of our taps and showers have been installed.

We clean our rooms with steam and household vinegar, without chemicals.

Our welcome products from Anne Semonin are made in France, from natural ingredients. The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and is reusable.