Famous worldwide for its frantic French Cancan, this cabaret was created in 1889 by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler who already owned the Olympia. To make money, the two associates topped this shed which hosted “Queen Blanche’s ball” with a fake windmill whose bright wings swirl proudly. In the garden stands a huge stucco elephant in which men can watch belly dancing performances.

All Parisians eager for frivolity and extravagance flock to Boulevard de Clichy. Under colorful and rather rascal pseudonyms, the most famous dancers of the time competed on the cabaret scene: Grille d'Egout, la Môme Fromage, Nini Pattes-en-l'Air. Faithful among the faithful, the painter Henri de Toulouse Lautrec is the great witness of this prosperous period. Seventeen of his works are inspired by the cabaret and its famous dancer with an inimitable cheekiness: La Goulue.

From 1903, the shows evolve towards the music hall. In 1925, the review “Ça c’est Paris”, led by Mistinguett, was a triumph.

The Moulin Rouge always symbolizes the spirit of the Parisian party abroad. And the fact is that the establishment is one of the largest champagne customers in the world, with around 240,000 bottles consumed each year.

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